How I do it?

The process of designing and developing a website is very straightforward:


Quote request form

Complete the web form which will help me collect the necessary information to provide you a quote.

Quote me!

Check Email

Approval and start

Check your email for my quote. Once approved I'll set a schedule for your project.


Creative process

According to your requirements, I will sketch your website into flat views for every different type of content.



Once the static views of your website are programmed I will migrate the contents into a database guarded by a powerful, yet simple to use content management system; it will be implemented on top of your front end design.


User experience

In this stage I will integrate communication between the common user behaviour patterns and the API functionality guarded by authentication in every server request.

Testing and Launch

Testing and launch

Before final release we will test compatibility across devices and fix all found bugs. Finally we will launch your application live.