What I do

I design and develop responsive Round Trip Applications (RTA), Single Page Applications (SPA) and fully customized CMSs for small and large business.

User Interface

The Skin

I utilize professional design software to mock fully detailed application designs displaying a general and complete idea of most pages on your website.

I also use this software to export essential resources and assets ready for the frontend development.


The skeleton

Using modern web technologies to provide a cross platform rich experience.

HTML5 is a language to structure, organize and categorize the hierarchy of contents and , CSS3 renders the designed visual styles and JavaScript synchronizes user interaction of requested resources to the views.


The brains

All resources are accessed through standard API protocols guarded by a token based authentication.

To manage all contents I implement RESTful web service as a bridge to interact with multiple devices (browsers, scripts, mobile applications, etc.) and guarantee compatibility and scalability.